Brazil Mogiana Eagle Natural Sc 17/18 FC Green Coffee Beans

Brazil Mogiana Eagle Natural Processed Screen size 17/18 Fine Cup Arabica Green Coffee Beans

Mild acidity, good body, mild chocolate, hint of nuttiness, clean, consistent, sweet, rich finish. Primarily used as a base in Espresso Blends but can certainly be brewed as a single origin Cup or Espresso if you're looking for a low acidity decent bodied sweet mild coffee. Can take a Dark roast well.

Roast Aroma: Sweet, wine, light fruit

Ground Aroma: Mild chocolate, Orange, nuts

Brewed Aroma: Mild Carmel, chocolate, nuts, faint fruit

REGION: Mogiana

PROCESSING: Natural/Dry Processed



"Mogiana Eagle is made from top lots produced in the Alta Mogiana region. We personally select lots from individual farms and process them to create a smooth, clean, highly consistent coffee that is not only perfect for anchoring an espresso blend, but can also be used as a single origin Brazil. Our goal is a consistent, clean cup profile, from lot to lot and year to year, making our Mogiana Eagle a coffee that you can rely on all year every year. Mogiana Eagle reveals sweet chocolate and nuts on our table and is available in both screen 17/18 as well as screen 16 and up.

The Mogiana region is rich in coffee history. In 1872, twenty-one coffee farmers were the first to invest in a new railroad in northeastern Sao Paulo, Brazil, near the border with Minas Gerias. The new railway was christened “Mogiana Railroad Company,” and it was so important that the region would take the name as its own. After a century of operation, the tracks had been largely dismantled and the name changed, but the coffee region kept its adopted moniker. Building a railroad to get coffee to market is indicative of the innovation producers in the Mogiana region."


Mogiana Eagle production and history description quote courtesy Olam Brands Coffee

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