Colombia Cauca Best Cup Micro Lot FW raw coffee beans

Colombia Cauca Best Cup Micro Lot Fully Washed Arabica raw Coffee beans

Brightish acidity, creamy body, very sweet, chocolate, citrus fruits, clean, toffee, lemon, hint floral, complex,  soft sweet finish. Sweetness of this coffee tempers the brightness of this fine cup.

Roast Aroma: Molasses, sweet, creamy caramel, black cherry.

Dry Aroma: Milk chocolate, soft cherry fruit berry and grapefruit.

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, chocolate, toffee, soft citrus and floral notes.

Varietals: Castillo

Grower: Mauro Lopez Estrella and his Family have won First place in Cauca Colombia's' Best Cup competition. The Estrella Family has continually improved Coffee produced at the farm by selecting only seeds from their best award winning Castillo coffee plants and taking great care in maintaining the plants, only harvesting ripe coffee cherries, and meticulous processing of the beans.

Farm: El Porterito, 4 hectares of forest covered rich soil at very high Altitude planted with Castillo Arabica coffee plants

Region: EL Placer (Township), Florencia (nearest Municipality), Cauca

Altitude: 2100 Meters Above Sea Level, Very high elevation produces a slower grown, sweeter, and more flavorful coffee.

Processing: Fully Washed, Sun dried

Harvest: September - December, April - May

Selected in Best Cup Cauca Colombia Competition of high scoring coffees by exceptional Producers in the Cauca Region. We offer numerous coffees that score very high but this one someone other than me , the Importer, and the Grower has done the scoring and agrees that this is one of the best coffees of this type from the Region. Don't wait long to buy it, this won't last.

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