Colombia Geisha Variety Select 1 FW Raw Coffee Beans

Colombia Geisha Variety Select Lot 1 Fully Washed Arabica raw Coffee Beans

Bright citrus acidity, smooth body, Citrusy with lemon, sweet, toffee, rich, almond, chocolate, orange, floral, sweet lasting finish. We have cupped this coffee several times and come up with something new each time, each delicious.

Roast Aroma:  Sweet, pear, apple, toffee

Dry Aroma: Toffee, dark chocolate, fruit, orange

Brewed Aroma: Toffee, chocolate, sweet hint of spice.

Varietal: Geisha, also spelled Gesha

Region: Huila (Southern Colombia).  Near the Villages of Acevedo, Saladoblanco,  and Pitalito Colombia, this area is home to 18% of the Worlds birds.

Growers and their Farms: Lizandro Cardenas - Finca La Esperanza; Luis Anibal Calderon - Finca El Vergel; Humberto Calderon - Finca Buenavista; Manuel Rojas - Finca Los Lagos.

Altitude: 1,400 - 1,650 Meters Above Sea Level

Annual Average Rainfall: 2,600mm

Ambient temperature range: 14 to 26 degrees Centigrade

Processing: Fully Washed, fermented 20 to 26 hours then dried for 12 to 16 days.

Harvest: January - March

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