Colombia Organic Narino Cafe Santana FW green coffee beans

Colombia Organic Narino Cafe Santana Fully Washed process Arabica Green coffee beans

Bright citrus acidity, smooth body, dark chocolate, sweet, orange, roasted almond, lime, Caramel and vanilla, faint cherry, rich, clean, short varying finish.

Roast has a big effect on this Colombia, brightness, richness of flavor, which fruits you can sense, and the finish from soft to rich are all very sensitive to rate and length of your roast. After numerous roasts I found I can get the dark chocolate note but lose the vanilla and cherry and get a short rich finish, a slower roast gave me the vanilla and cherry with a soft finish,

Roast Aroma: Sweet, chocolate, cream, citrus

Dry Aroma: Chocolate, orange, caramel/vanilla, citrus, sweet

Brewed Aroma: Orange, chocolate, caramel/vanilla, roasted almond

Growers: 40 Small Holders from San Lorenzo, San Pedro de Cartago, La Union, Colon Genova, and Sancisa in the Narino Department of Colombia in the Southwest corner of the Country. the Narino Region of Colombia is known for producing exceptional coffees.

Producer: Cafe Santana group comprised of 40 small holder Growers from the Narino Region

Region: Narino

Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Typica

Altitude:1800 - 2100 Meters

Soil: Clay minerals

Certification: USDA Organic

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun dried on elevated tables inside solar dryers under cover to protect from rain.

Harvest: April - September

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