Colombia Sevilla Supremo Green Coffee Beans sc 17/18 EP

Colombia Supremo Sevilla screen size 17/18 EP Green Arabica Coffee Beans.

Solid acidity, medium plus body, dark chocolate, light citrus, hints of dark fruits and spice, orange, sweet, finish varies with Roast from very little to a nice clean lasting finish.

Roast Aroma: Wine, sweet, molasses, hint of spice

Dry Aroma: Dark chocolate, graham, bright, sweet, dried fruit

Brewed Aroma: Carmel, Baker's chocolate, spice

Growers: Various small holders from Sevilla region

Region: Sevilla

Altitude: 1,700 Meters Above Sea Level

Screen Size: 15 and 18

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried

Harvest: January - March

Grade: Supremo, European Processed (EP)

European Process: Hand Sorting to remove defects to the "EP Standard" continues until no more than 8 defects are found in a 300 gram sample. This obviously very labor intense

hand sorting improves Cup Quality and Consistency.

Another nice classic type Colombia, Big bold flavor, big beans, high grade Supremo. Easy to roast at any level, solid acidity, with plenty of body. Sevilla Department (region) is not as well known as Huila or Norino but we were impressed with the bold profile and underlying dark fruit tastes of this big bean Colombia coffee.

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