Decaf Espresso Blend SWP Coffee

Premium Espresso Blend Decaffeinated Swiss Water Process Raw Arabica Coffee. This is one of SWP most popular Decaf coffees.

"Chocolate and caramel flavors with a touch of natural fruit, enough acidity to provide a balance, sweetness riding a long smooth finish" *

Just because it has "Espresso" in the name does Not mean you must roast it dark. It stands up quite well at lighter roasts, and yet has the sweetness, body, and acidity we look for in an Espresso blend.

 Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company (SWP) is highly respected for Pioneering it's unique chemical free decaffeinating process and selecting excellent coffees that together best maintain their Origin Characteristics.

Premium Blend of Fully Washed and Natural (Dry) processed coffees

Origins: Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Peru, Papua New Guinea

Varietals: Numerous

* Note courtesy of Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated coffee company

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