Dem Rep of Congo Organic Kivu Butembo Special Prep Coffee

Organic Democratic Republic of the Congo North Kivu Butembo Village Special Preparation Arabica raw coffee

Bright wine like acidity, medium body, nice rich flavor, chocolate, grape, citrus, cola, sweet, fruit as it cools, clean, brown sugar, rich lasting finish.

Roast Aroma: Sweet, red wine, spice, brown sugar, popcorn.

Dry Aroma: Fruit, grape, chocolate, rich, sweet, caramel, deep.

Brewed Aroma: Very sweet, fruit, chocolate, brown sugar

Best at Light roast through Full City Roast, Not recommended for very dark roasts.

Growers: Small holder Coffee Farmers who are Members of Soprocopiv Cooperative.

Producer: Soprocopiv Coop established in 2004 to help local Farmers improve the quality of the Specialty coffee they produce to create a sustainable income for Coffee Growers. The Coop strives to improve education and healthcare services for it's Members. Soprocopiv Coop is helping Members improve planting, growing, and processing techniques to produce consistent high quality Specialty Arabica coffee.

Region: North Kivu

Varietal: Bourbon

Screen size: 15 and up

Altitude: 1,524 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Dry Milled in the Village of Butembo and Patio Sun dried

Harvest: August - December

Export: January - April

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