Ecuador Galapagos Island La Tortuga Lot 1 green coffee beans

Ecuador Galapagos Island La Tortuga Lot 1 Arabica Raw Coffee beans

Bright to sweetly balanced acidity, creamy body, sweet, red fruits, floral hints, crisp, green apple, light citrus, brown sugar, richish, herbaceous, mineral water, rich finish.

Roasting Aroma: Creamy spice, caramel, light fruit, apple

Dry Aroma: Dark chocolate, light citrus, nuts

Brewed Aroma: Spice, chocolate, almond, malt

Very limited availability of this Microlot of only 6  bags at 77 Lbs each from Galapagos Island Ecuador makes this a rare find. Ecuador is located on the West Coast of the South America Continent just South of Colombia and North of Peru. Ecuador exports about 100 shipping containers of green coffee beans per year in comparison to Colombia which exports around 32,000 containers of coffee beans annually.

Producer:  Cooperativa de Cafetaleros de Galapagos

Varietals: Bourbon, Typica

Region: Galapagos Island off the Coast of Ecuador

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried on African drying beds (cloth stretched across posts a above the ground).

This coffee helped support Grounds for Health which provides Women's Health services in remote coffee Growing Regions.

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