El Salvador Jose Recinos Pacamara Honey green coffee beans

EL Salvador Chalatenango Finca La Nueva Esperanza Jose Recinos Pacamara Honey Arabica raw Coffee

Sweet and tart citrus acidity, full smooth body, sweet, Toffee, pecan, red grape, citrus, faint floral, chocolate, rich, lemon, crisp, soft but noticeable finish. Interesting that it is so sweet and round bodied yet has a vibrant crisp element that prevents it from feeling heavy in the mouth. Even a Novice Roaster should be able to get a very good cup with this coffee.

Roast Aroma: Graham cracker, light fruit, tangerine

Dry Aroma: Sweet toffee, chocolate, apple, orange

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, cocoa, toffee, hints of spice and orange

Varietal: Pacamara, nice big easy to roast beans

Farm: La Nueva Esperanza

Grower: Jose Francisco Recinos

Region: Chalatenango, higher and much cooler than El Salvador's more prominent coffee producing Region of Santa Ana, this Region has been recently discovered thanks to very high scoring Entrants in Cup Of Excellence competitions.

Altitude: 1,700 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Honey; Hand picked and depulped, allowed to ferment in sacks for 14 - 18 hours then dried on raised beds for 13 to 20 days on site before removing remnants with the parchment and drying for shipment.

Harvest: December - February

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