Ethiopia Geisha Natural Horizon RFA Coffee

Ethiopia Geisha Bebeka Estate Horizon Plantations Rain Forest Alliance Natural process Arabica raw coffee beans

Fairly bright acidity, full silky body,  sweet jasmine, excellent structure and balance, lemon, orange, tropical fruit tea, strawberry jam, blueberry, melon, vanilla, complex, rich lasting finish.

Roasting Aroma: Blueberry, honey, red wine, fruit, spice

Dry Aroma:  Blueberry, fruit, orange, sweet, melon, strawberry, chocolate

Brewed Aroma: Blueberry, candy sweet, cocoa, peach, jasmine, fruit punch

Varietals: Indigenous Geisha, Gesha (spell it either way, it's the taste that counts)

Altitude: 1,100 - 1,368 Meters above sea Level

Region: Gesha village, Bench Maji Zone, Southern Region Ethiopia

Process: Natural / Sun dried on raised beds

Harvest: December - March

Certification: Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ

Grower: Horizon Plantations PLC

"The Southwestern forests in Ethiopia are essential for the ecology in protecting the environmental dynamics, water quality, wildlife species... and most importantly it is the last remaining forest coffee Arabica. At present, deforestation trends are serious concerns in the outwestern coffee producing parts of Ethiopia, putting at stake the existing rich biodiversity.

Hence, through our "enriching habitat" initiative we are closely working with local farming communities, with the potential to enhance the economic and ecological stability of the surrounding at large. Not only do our coffee farms protect the environment but maintain the entire ecosystem by forming a cloud of forest with coffees grown under shade that are promoting healthy soil and providing a natural habitat to various species.

We are practicing sustainable farming, growing our coffees in a manner that is fair to the environment and its inhabitants."  Horizon Plantations PLC

Farm: Bebeka Coffee Estate

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