Ethiopia Sidama Organic Wottona Bultuma FT Natural Raw Coffee Beans

Organic Ethiopia Sidama Fair Trade Wottona Bultuma Sidama Cooperative Natural G 3 raw Arabica coffee beans

Bright to sweet balanced acidity, nice smooth body, berry, fruit, blueberry, sweet, hints of milk chocolate orange and tropical fruit, floral, complex, soft finish.

Roasting Aroma: Fruit, berry, sangria, raspberry

Dry Aroma: Chocolate, black cherry, fruit, berry, strawberry

Brewed Aroma: Cocoa, sweet, caramel, berry, faint floral and orange

Complex acidity flavor and aromas, all change with rate and level of roast.

Region: Wonsho District; Sidama Zone Southern Nationalities and Peoples Region, Ethiopia.

Growers: Small Holder Family owned farms, Members of Wottona Bultuma Cooperative established to support Sustainable coffee Production and assist Members to improve cup quality.

Wottona Bultuma Cooperative Member Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). SCFCU supports Cooperatives in the Sidama Region by assisting Member's to improve Sustainable coffee production.

Varietal: Ethiopia Indigenous Heirloom cultivars

Soil: Vertisol

Altitude: 1,950 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Natural process pulp removal and sun dried on raised beds

Harvest: October - December

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