FreshRoast SR500 Coffee Roaster

FreshRoast SR500 Coffee Roaster is the most capable Roaster for your dollar we know of. Simple enough a novice can roast a great tasting specialty coffee with little practice or Coffee Know how. Capable enough that when experienced you can control the Heat Element and Fan speed to create any number of very special Roast profiles. Same size and capacity as the Fresh Roast SR700 make this a great roaster for beginners or folks who like to roast small batches with great control of the roast profile. Less than 10 minutes to roast and cool. Clean up is so easy. Free shipping in the continental USA, plus 2 LBs select Gourmet Coffee beans. Include your phone # when ordering. 

We are an authorized FreshRoast Dealer selling the latest model brand new roasters at the best price allowed.

We love this Roaster! It's easy to clean, Doesn't make much of a mess, will make some smoke especially at Dark roasts, fast (light roast start to finish in 8 minutes), Lots of control Heat, Fan, time, volume, can do dark roasts (just stay under 4.1 ounces), Easy to Hear, see, and smell the roast, and the parts that you might drop and break are available for a reasonable replacement cost.

Timer counts down in Tenths of a minute (6 seconds) for precise control of the roast.

Roast 4.5 ounces of green coffee in about ten minutes, enough for 20 cups of coffee.

to see how we pack a FreshRoast SR500 Roaster.


Fluid Bed Roasters like the SR500 produce a generally brighter roast (of the same bean) than a Drum type roaster and may require a little more time to develop darker roasts than stove top methods. Some smoke is produced especially at Dark roast levels. 

  • Free ground shipping in Continental USA, no code required
  • Now includes 2 Lbs Specialty coffee 
  • Manufactured by: FreshRoast
  • Merchant SKU: 1009126
  • Fluid Bed Hot Air roaster for great even roasting of coffee beans
  • See our Green Coffee Beans page to read each coffee description.
  • We have 1 page easy to follow roasting directions for the FreshRoast SR500 in Free Downloads
  • Limited Manufacturers warranty 
  • Please provide a Phone # required for Shipping

No returns No refunds.

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