FreshRoast SR340 Coffee Bean Roaster

Fresh Roast SR340 Coffee Bean Roaster. Basic coffee roaster, easy to learn, easy to use, easy to maintain, and capable of producing great tasting coffee with little practice or Coffee know how. Just follow the simple directions, measure beans, set time, and start. Then watch and listen for that Gourmet Roast, you can adjust the time as needed. You can vary the quantity of beans for each roast which will create a unique roast profile for that bean.

NEW! FreshRoast SR340 Includes the same Variable fan speed control as the popular FreshRoast SR500, the only difference is the SR500 has 2 additional heat level settings.

Timer counts down in Tenths of a minute (6 seconds) for precise control of the roast.

Roast over 4 ounces of green coffee in about ten minutes, enough for 20 cups of coffee. This is the same size and capacity as the FreshRoast SR500 and FreshRoast SR700.

Fluid Bed Roasters like the SR340 produce a generally brighter roast (of the same bean) than a Drum type roaster and may require a little more time to develop darker roasts than many stove top methods. Some smoke is produced especially at Dark roast levels. 

Free shipping in the Continental USA (lower 48 States), plus we include 1 LB of our fresh Gourmet Specialty Coffee beans

  • Manufactured by: Fresh Roast
  • Fluid Bed Hot Air Coffee Roaster
  • Free ground shipping in Continental USA lower 48 contiguous States
  • Includes 1 Lb Free Specialty green coffee to get you started
  • We have 1 page easy to follow roasting directions for the FreshRoast SR300 in our Free Downloads

To see just what you get with the Freshroast SR300 Home Coffee Bean Roaster watch our unboxing video here. This video was the previous SR300 Model and is similar in respect to the FreshRoast SR340 Coffee roaster with the exception of the New Fan Control and particular coffee included.


How to roast coffee in a FreshRoast SR300, it's easy and fast, watch below. This video is also the Previous SR300 Model and is similar except the New SR340 incudes a Variable Fan Control.


No returns without our prior approval and deduction of retail price of all selected coffees and shipping Handling costs plus a 15% restock fee. Simply, you can't order the roaster then return it and keep the coffee without paying for the coffee and shipping,

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