FreshRoast SR700 Coffee Bean Roaster Digital Control

FreshRoast SR700 Home Coffee Bean Roaster $259 with 4Lbs choice Green Coffee Beans and Free Shipping in the Continental USA.

Computer software control finally comes to Home coffee Roasting. Just load the software to your PC, plug in the supplied USB cable and you have full Repeatable memory and control only available with your computer.

This is the same size as the SR500 but with digital control and computer connectivity. It has similar capacity of about 4 ounces green coffee beans (3.5 ounces if you like Dark roasts), comes with the same scoop for beans which I don't use but rather recommend you weigh the beans (or just don't overfill the scoop).

This roaster is the newest design for FreshRoast, we like the ability to control and record on a computer, and have noticed the fan seems quieter than our old SR500. We do like the digital controls and easy to use software very much.

Includes the FreshRoast SR700 Roaster, PC compatible software CD, USB cord to connect Roaster to your computer, small aprox 1 oz scoop, User Guide. Manufacturer's one year warranty.

Requires: Pentium IV minimum; Windows XP to Windows 8 (trademark of Microsoft)

Roast 4 ounces of green coffee in under ten minutes, enough for 20 cups of coffee. This is the same size as the FreshRoast SR500.

Fluid Bed Roasters like the SR700 produce a generally brighter roast (of the same bean) than a Drum type roaster and may require a little more time to develop darker roasts than many stove top methods. Some smoke is produced especially at Dark roast levels. 

Free shipping in the continental US, you select 4 LBs Gourmet Coffee beans (under $7.00/Lb), Include your Phone # when ordering for Shipping use.

  • Manufactured by: Fresh Roast
  • Fluid Bed Hot Air Coffee Roaster
  • Free ground shipping in Continental USA
  • FreshRoast SR700 Free 4 Lbs beans select any that are UNDER $7.00/ Lb
  • Please note your 4Lb selected coffees in the "Order notes" at checkout, do not order the coffees you want Free with the roaster separately.

 No returns without prior approval and deduction of retail price of all selected coffees and shipping Handling costs plus a 15% restock fee. Simply, you can't order the roaster then return it and keep the coffee without paying for the coffee and shipping,


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