Gene Café Coffee Roaster Red

Gene Café coffee roaster is a versatile hybrid convection coffee roaster with lots of useful features for Novice through Experienced Roasters.  Target temperature control with a running temperature read out. Half pound plus capacity. Like all Home coffee Roasters the Gene Cafe has an optimum operating capacity (8.8 oz or 250g recommended by the Manufacturer), but may actually give you a better roast with some High Chaffe Coffees or Darker Roasts if you use slightly Less ( try 7oz or 200g) coffee. Unique Off-axis rotation to improve evenness of the Roast. Low noise level compared to most roasters. An attractive choice for those looking to achieve larger and more complex roasts with greater control. The only roaster to incorporate a round exit port on the new larger chaff collector (included). You can attach a tube to vent the smoke outside, a great feature for those who love Dark roasts. With a little practice the Gene Cafe can produce a wide variety of roast profiles. 

Sorry Sold OUT. should be available by early July

We are an authorized Gene Cafe Dealer selling only the latest model brand new roasters at the best price allowed.

Special offer: 2 Stand up coffee storage pouches with degassing valve.

Now includes 5 Lbs Coffee with the roaster a Select combination of five coffees.  

 See our Green Coffee Beans page for Information on coffees you may get with your roaster. 

Please include your Phone # and an email that you check regularly when ordering a coffee roaster. We use the phone # for shipping only (never to Market nor would we sell any of your information) and the email in case we have questions and / or for shipping notices. We can Not ship without this information, providing it when you order will assist in rapid fulfillment of your order.  

Includes Free Shipping in the Contiguous lower 48 States

Sorry, We can Not Gift Wrap Gene Cafes or Hottop coffee roasters.

Watch our Unboxing the Gene Cafe Home Coffee Bean Roaster video to see what you may get with this Roaster not including any Specials, offers subject to change.


No returns No refunds, roaster sales are final.

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