Guatemala Hue Organic FT Cocolense SHB Raw Coffee

Guatemala Organic Fair Trade Huehuetenango Cocolense SHB FW Arabica raw coffee beans

Fairly bright acidity, medium body, sweet, bright chocolate, clean, hints of floral, spice, and citrus, soft sweet lasting finish. A relative bargain for a well processed good quality Organic coffee. Guatemalan Coffees are often a good value.

Roast Aroma: Roasty, caramel, dry wine, hard candy, spice 

Dry Aroma: Bright chocolate, muted fruit, floral, spice

Brewed Aroma - Sweet, caramel, chocolate spice.

Region: Department of Huehuetenango, Northwestern Guatemala, in the San Pedro Necta District.

Growers: Small Holder Farmers surrounding the Cocolense coffee Processing Mill

Producer: Cocolense Coffee Processing Mill certified Organic Fair Trade

Growing Altitude: 1600 Meters

Process: Fully Washed and sun dried

Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica (common to the Huehue Region)

Soil: Clay minerals

Primary Harvest: December - April

Strictly Hard Bean, SHB: Coffee grown at very high Altitude produce a denser (Strictly Hard Bean) more vibrant flavor profile than those grown at lower Altitudes. Higher altitudes provide an Arabica Coffee friendly environment, the climate tends to be cooler with less direct sunshine and plenty of moisture. This causes the coffee fruit to mature slowly allowing more time to develop depth and sweetness, as well as many of the desirable characteristics we look for in fine Specialty coffees.

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