Hario Mini Mill coffee grinder

Hario Mini – MSS -1 B, Mini Mill Slim Ceramic

7 1/2" h X 3" dia w/o handle, 6" dia with handle. Less than 1/2 Lb

Hario means "The king of glass" and the Ceramic conical Burr set in Hario hand crank coffee mills show why by delivering consistent grind results far beyond their price range.

A must have grinder if you want to prepare your own great coffee while traveling or camping, and makes a great back up during power outages. Some effort is required to grind to capacity of 24g enough for 2 cups.

Especially a fine grind which can take about three minutes.

The Mini Mill produces a remarkably consistent grind at medium through fine settings with coarse setting yielding some variations in grind yet suitable for most press methods.


  • Easy to understand instruction manual in Japanese and English
  • See through lid keeps beans in hopper while grinding
  • Compact size and easily removable handle make it convenient to carry
  • Grind consistency superior to most grinders under $100 and some well over
  • Adjust grind by turning one convenient wingnut on bottom of grinder unit
  • Nearly infinite grind adjustment, wingnut has bumps to help keep it in place
  • Hand operation won't overheat coffee as it grinds, unlike some electrics
  • Easy to completely disassemble and clean, dishwasher safe
  • Grounds container is marked with one cup and two cup measurements
  • Ceramic Burrs won't rust or smell like metal
  • Grinder top fits conveniently into an Aeropress for clean direct dosing

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