Hario Skerton Coffee Mill

Hario Skerton – MSCS – 2TB, Ceramic Coffee Mill

5 1/2" h X 3 3/4" dia w/o handle, 7 1/2" dia with handle. Wt 18 ounces

An economical option if you are ready to move up from a Department store grinder and don't mind turning a handle for three or four minutes to get your favorite grind. Consistent enough to use for most brew methods on a daily basis. Small enough to take along when traveling or camping, also makes a great back up during power outages.

Some effort for around four minutes is required to grind up to capacity of 100g which will be enough for about 8 cups. A fine grind will take longer.

The Skerton Mill produces a remarkably consistent grind at medium through fine settings. Coarse setting will yield some variations in grind, still suitable for most press methods.

Hario means "The king of glass" and the Ceramic conical Burr set in Hario hand crank coffee mills show why by delivering consistent grind results far beyond their price range.


  • Easy to understand instruction manual in Japanese and English
  • Lid keeps beans in hopper while grinding
  • Compact size and removable handle make it convenient to carry
  • Grind consistency superior to most grinders under $100
  • Adjusting the grind takes several steps starting with removing the handle
  • Stepped grind adjustment helps keep grind setting in place
  • Hand operation won’t overheat your coffee as it grinds
  • Fairly easy to disassemble and clean, dishwasher safe
  • Anti-slip base cover helps keep grinder stable while grinding
  • Ceramic Burrs won’t rust or smell like metal
  • Glass base prevents static cling allowing grounds to pour out easily
  • Screw on cover for base glass container

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