Home Coffee Roasting Romance & Revival by Kenneth Davids latest Edition

Home Coffee Roasting Romance & Revival, Revised, Updated Edition, $13.78 softcover

By Kenneth Davids, Author of Coffee and Espresso. This is the latest edition of this book which normally retails for $17.95

Kenneth Davids is well know in Specialty Coffee circles as one of the leading voices of the Specialty Coffee Revolution. His knowledge of coffee, its' preparation, and senses of taste and smell have made him one of the most sought after coffee Reviewers on Earth.

Home Coffee Roasting Romance & Revival is considered a Home Roasters How To coarse and invaluable resource.

I would consider this a relatively easy read with enough information to keep it interesting without getting bogged down in tedious details, it does however cover a lot of topics.

If you are serious about Roasting your own Gourmet coffee this book is a must.

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