Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ USB Ready Coffee Roaster

Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ USB Ready (K - Thermocouple) Coffee Roaster has 2 Thermocouples to measure the roast chamber environment temperature and the coffee bean temperature just like Professional coffee roasting machines. USB connection allows use of Third Party software to control and record each roast profile you care to create. The Hottop Drum Roasters are capable of the most complex roasts of any of the Home Roasters we carry. You control the critical elements of every roast, ten settings for the Heater, four on the Fan, Time, and Target temperature, or select the Auto program then watch and listen for your special roast, stop at anytime. You can save up to three of your own roast profiles to perfectly repeat that exact roast for your special coffee beans. The Hottops incorporate the only cooling process outside of the still hot Roasting chamber like the professionals do to cool beans quickly to just over room temperature. Free shipping in the continental US, plus 12 LB select beans. The Manufactuter recommended Capacity is 250 grams (8.8 oz) which works very well, you can roast smaller quantities if you like. We like this roaster so much that we are offering simply the best deal you can get on a New Hottop coffee roaster.

Only a few left, so we may run out, But expect a new shipment by late February.

The difference in this new roaster is the USB connectivity of the Process Control Panel and the second Thermocouple temperature sensor.

We are an authorized Hottop Home Coffee Roaster Dealer selling only the latest model brand new roasters at the best price allowed.

Special - Receive an Additional 1 Lb Premium coffee that we select for you when you place your next order from our Green Coffee Beans page, on Featured coffee roasters only.

2018 Special offer: with your new Hottop coffee bean Roaster we will include a 4 Pack of our Stand Up Pouches with valves to keep your Home Roasted Coffee Fresh.

  • Manufactured by: Hottop
  • Merchant SKU: 1009381
  • Free Ground shipping in continental USA 
  • If you select "Pick a Combination" make your choice of 12 Lbs (<$7.50) Gourmet Coffee included with the roaster any combination from our Green Coffee Beans pages Your Choice of  Twelve In Stock at 1 Lb each (if you want 12 different Lbs) coffees priced $7.50/Lb or less, or up to 12 Lbs of one of those coffees, or combination up to 12 Lbs. 
  • List your Coffee Selections in the "Notes" Box at check out, do NOT order them.
  • Include a Phone # for Shipping (required) notice of your new roaster's arrival.

Includes Free Shipping in the Contiguous lower 48 States.

Sorry, We can Not Gift Wrap Gene Cafes or Hottop coffee roasters.

Please include your Phone # and an email that you check regularly when ordering a coffee roaster. We use the phone # for shipping only (never to Market nor would we sell any of your information) and the email in case we have questions and / or for shipping notices. We can Not ship without this information, providing it when you order will assist in rapid fulfillment of your order.  

Manufactures' Data (items A through E) reprinted courtesy of Hottop USA

A Dual K thermocouples monitor bean temperature and environmental temperature
B Auto and manual control roasting
C Temperature, time, fan speed, and heating element power can easily be modified during the roast
D Auto mode allows operation much like older models as well
E Numerous safety functions including manual emergency eject
D Capacity: 225g - 300g per roasting (250g optimal)

E  All Hottop models:

* Computer controlled roasting for accuracy and repeatability
* Fully automatic roasting & cooling
* User can end roast at any time.
* Manual Emergency Eject mechanism
* External cooling tray with agitation arm and forced-air cooling fan. Beans cool in 4 to 5 minutes
* Deep chaff tray to make removal of chaff easy
* Very quiet operation. Easy to hear 1st and 2nd crack
* Built-in smoke reduction system
* Stainless steel cover and drum, Steel internal frame
* Large window gives excellent view of the beans during roasting
* Audible and visual signals of roast progress
* Steel Drum: 4 x 8 inches
* Viewing window: 4 inches
* Height: 14 inch
* Width: 10 inch
* Depth: 19 inch
* Weight: 19 pounds
* Voltage: available in 110 V, 120 V,
* Warranty: 1 year Ltd by Manufacturer

NOTE: Hottop Coffee Roasters will be shipped Requiring a Signature for Delivery. Please provide your shipping Address where you or someone you trust can sign for the roaster. We offer the Hottop coffee roasters at the lowest price allowed, please be wary of any offered as new at a lower price as it may be Hotter than you would like and won't be covered by warranty. Please include your phone # for the shipper.

Manufacturer Warranties this product for 1 year. We have not had any issues with this product.

No returns without Prior aproval and deduction of retail price of all selected coffees and shipping Handling costs plus a 15% restock fee. Simply, you can't order the roaster then return it and keep the coffee without paying for the coffee and shipping,

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