Kenya AA Njoga FW Arabica coffee

Kenya AA Njoga Coffee Farm Washed Arabica Raw Coffee Beans

Intense wine like acidity, syrupy body (unusually heavy mouthfeel for a Kenyan coffee) ,  grapefruit, melon, rich, sweet, lemon zest, red wine, citrus, classic rich lingering finish.

NEW Crop just in, initial cuppings are very similar to this but may not exactly match previous crop. At any rate it is a nice variation on a very good Kenya AA coffee and well worth a try if you like the Kenya profile.

Roast Aroma: Sweet, wine, hint of fruit, brown sugar

Dry Aroma: Bright, fruit, light chocolate, citrus, pie crust

Brewed Aroma: Caramel, cocoa, lemon, citrus, sweet, grapefruit

Producer / Grower: Njoga Coffee Farm. Established by Daniel Thiong'o Kamuu on 3 acres along the Njoga River in 1959. Njoga coffee farm has grown to 100 acres by continuing to produce fine Kenya Specialty coffees.

Region: Kirinyaga

Varietals: SL-28

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,900 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried on raised beds

Harvest: December - March

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