Kona Fancy Hawaii USA Raw Coffee Beans

Kona Hawaii USA Fancy Grade Arabica Raw Coffee beans

Sweetly balanced mild citrus acidity, very smooth body, really good coffee flavor (but not bold), sweet, toffee, floral flavor, clean, lemon, sugar cane, hints of chocolate and nuts, soft sweet lasting finish. Tested at a light American Roast. Easy to roast, keep the roasting light to medium (New England to light City is good) so you can taste the bean.

Note: This is a New Kona for us (very little cupping), similar to our previous Hawaii Kona (same Grower and Farm), sweet, toffee, faint milk chocolate, with light floral and lemon.

Roasting Aroma: Grain, pineapple, sugar cane, lemon, toffee

Dry Aroma: pineapple, milk chocolate, faint fruits (varies with roast), toffee, floral

Brewed Aroma: Sweet toffee, milk chocolate, wisp of lemon and floral

Like a Islandvacation, sweet, laid back, and sweetly aromatic.

Varietals: Kona Typica

Altitude: 250 - 850 Meters

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Processing: Fully Washed

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