Madagascar Robusta Organic Sc 14+ FW Coffee for Roasting

Madagascar Organic Robusta Screen size 14 plus fully washed raw coffee

Bright acidity, medium body, bold coffee flavor, buttery hints of malt chocolate, wood, whiskey, cherry tobacco, honey roasted nuts, strong lasting finish. I found this a bit rough for my taste (Donna really likes it) but it has just enough sweetness and a bold coffee flavor. Not scientifically tested but I also find it to have a heck of a Caffeine kick. You can drink this on it's own at any roast level but those who love it bold and dark should get the biggest kick out of this coffee. It may also be what you are looking for to make that special Dark blend. And, besides all that, where else are you going to find organic coffee from Madagascar? Oy Vey everybody!

Roasting Aroma: Heavy, sweet, muted fruit

Dry Aroma: Wood, cherry tobacco, malt, dark chocolate

Brewed Aroma: Wood, tobacco, honey roasted nuts

Growers: Satramaha and Mahavoky Farms on the Eastern Coast of Madagascar who produce this Organic Robusta using the same cupping, picking, and processing methods normally applied to Arabica coffees. These Farms are intent on maintaining the Biological Diversity found only in Madagascar, which helps provide natural shade and organic nutrients and pest control. The Growers attention to detail and intensive coffee producing methods have brought this Robusta coffee to the Specialty coffee marketplace.

Coffee Species: Robusta, has much less history of being graded and produced as an Origin coffee, which makes it rare to find one consistent and sweet enough to reach Specialty coffee Markets. Most Robusta coffee is produced as mass large quantities at lower Altitudes than Arabica, is heartier and produces greater yields. Robusta coffees are used primarily in instant coffees and coffee flavored drink mixes.

Altitude: 100 - 300 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Vatovavy - Fitovinany Madagascar

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried

Soil: Clay minerals

Harvest: November - March

Certification:  Organic USDA

Note: This is currently the only Robusta coffee that we offer.

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