Malawi Mzuzu AAA / AA Fair Trade FW Coffee

Malawi Fair Trade Mzuzu Women friendly Cooperative Fully Washed AAA/AA Arabica raw coffee

Bright sweetly balanced wine like acidity, smooth body, orange, Sweet, berry jam, Lemon, molasses, clean, tropical fruit, complex, soft finish.

Roast Aroma: Red wine, corn syrup, bread

Dry Aroma: Sweet, caramel, tropical fruit, orange, vanilla, cream, bakers chocolate, spice

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, orange, spice, cocoa, jasmine

Growers: Family owned farms averaging 5 Hectares in coffee cultivation

Coop: Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union has around 3,500 Members. Mzuzu Coop actively supports gender Equity with approximately 20 percent women members and growing. The Coop encourages women ownership of land and coffee production through education and premium programs as well as involvement in the Coop itself. Mzuzu supports Community projects like constructing a Hospital. They are actively promoting coffee growing Sustainability programs such as Terracing lands and planting Shade trees to reduce soil erosion, and multicrop diversity to enrich the soil, both efforts improve cup quality as well. Mzuzu Members pride themselves on improving the quality of their coffee and have been consistent winners of Malawi coffee competitions, they also have their own coffee shop to showcase the efforts of their Members. Note that much of the coffee in this Region processed by Mzuzu Coop is of the Gesha (Geisha) variety highly regarded as producing award winning (complex and delicious) coffees.  

Regions: Chitipa and Mzimba Districts in the Northern region of Malawi

Varietals: Gesha ( Geisha ), Nyika

Altitude: 1,300 - 2,000 Meters Above Sea Level

Soil: Clay minerals

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun dried

Harvest: June - August

Grade: AAA/AA

Certifications: Fair Trade

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