Nepal Organic AAA Greenland Farm Raw Coffee Beans

Nepal AAA Organic Greenland Farm Fully Washed Himalayan Arabica Raw coffee Beans

Sweet mild acidity, full smooth body, sweet, floral, citrus, richish, hints of tangerine, earth, spice, and cedar, dark chocolate, tobacco, very complex, almond as it cools, mild lasting finish. Makes a great Espresso

Roasting Aroma: Cake, Guava, tobacco, almond

Dry Aroma: Chocolate, melon, fruit, tangerine, sweet

Brewed Aroma: Caramel sweet, chocolate, tangerine, tobacco, almond

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Pacamara

Altitude: 1,350 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Lamjung District around Dudh Pokhari Village, about as far North as Specialty Coffee can be grown, this slower growth allows for the development of more flavors and sugars in the beans.

Grower: Greenland Farm, practices Sustainable Eco friendly coffee production with much of the coffee grown in natural wild forest. Coffee production is managed by the first Arabica Coffee Q Grader in Nepal, Raj Kumar Banjara, who also conducts coffee research. At the International Contest of Coffee Roasted in their Countries of Origin competition in Paris, Greenland Farm won 'Best Gourmet Coffee of 2016".  The Nepalese Government named Greenland Farm "Best Producer of 2016". Note that our coffee is current crop and we believe Greenland Farm has worked toward improving it's coffee since winning these competition's prestigious awards.

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried

Harvest: October - February

Grade: AAA SHG

Strictly High Grown: SHG; coffee grown above this Altitude Standard produce a denser (Strictly Hard Bean) more vibrant flavor profile than those grown at lower Altitudes. Higher altitudes provide a Coffee friendly environment, the climate tends to be cooler with less direct sunshine and plenty of moisture. This causes the coffee fruit to mature slowly allowing more time to develop depth as well as many of the other desirable characteristics we look for in fine Specialty coffees.

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