Panama Geisha Finca La Berlina Nat Boquete Green Coffee Beans

Panama Boquete Finca La Berlina Geisha Natural Process Arabica Raw Coffee Beans

Bright acidity, smooth body, very sweet, strawberry, fruit, light citrus, blueberry, faint chocolate and floral, rich flavor, cherry, complex, nice sweet finish.

This is another very special coffee we could say so much about, but again I will say with good attention to your roasting you can enjoy one of the very best coffees on Earth. We have seen several Geishas from this distinct location roasted by Artisan Roasters available at much higher prices, so of course that makes ours a bargain, and a must for true coffee Lovers. Roast On!

Roasting Aroma:  Fruit, sweet, berry, strawberry, nice

Dry Aroma: Fruit, berry, orange, strawberry, vanilla

Brewed Aroma: Very sweet, fruit, chocolate, berry, faint spice and floral

Grower: The Ruiz Family, third generation coffee Growers and owners of Finca La Berlina. The Ruiz Family Places well annually in the Best of Panama coffee competition with their Geisha and other coffee Varietals.

Geisha sometimes spelled Gesha is an old Varietal Native to the shady rain forests of Ethiopia where it is known to produce exceptional tasting coffee. However, due to it's delicate nature, susceptibility to disease and insect damage, and low quantity of usable Fruit it has only Recently become available to the Specialty coffee Market as the Sole Varietal of an Origin.  

Farm: Finca La Berlina grows coffee in the shade of the regional forest and volcanic soil ideal for coffee flavor development. Finca La Berlina employs and supports the indigenous People of Boquete, the Ngabe, by sponsoring the Ngabere Literacy program.

Varietal: Geisha, (also spelled Gesha ) Expertly managed at Finca La Berlina to produce exceptional coffee by the Ruiz family

Altitude: 1,500 - 1,700 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Chiriqui Province near the town of Boquete, nestled between the Volcan Buru National Park of Panama and La Amistad International Park both heavily forested conservation areas.

Processing: Natural and sun dried on site.

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Harvest: November - April

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