Sumatra Organic Aceh Ketiara Adsenia TP Arabica Coffee Beans

Organic Sumatra Aceh region Ketiara Cooperative Adsenia varietal Wet Hulled Triple Picked Arabica raw coffee

Bright acidity, silky heavy body, dark chocolate, citrus, sweet, very clean, floral notes, fig, chardonnay, vanilla, tobacco in the sweet lasting finish.

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, intense chocolate, wood,  herbal, caramel, , cinnamon, peach, earth

Growers: Mostly Javanese Refugees many of whom are Widows due to the Civil conflict in the Region in 2003. About 600 small holder Growers on less than 2 Hectares each from 6 Villages around Takengon in the Aceh Province a high percentage of which are women. Growers are Members of the Ketiara Cooperative.

Processor: Ketiara Cooperative dedicated to preserving the individual characteristics of the Adsenia (Tim Tim) Varietal by separately and meticulously processing and sorting by hand. The Ketiara coffee mill has a modern coffee Cupping lab and facilities staffed by 4 certified Q Graders.   

Grade: Triple Picked (TP)

Varietals: Adsenia also known as Tim-Tim is one of the oldest varieties grown in the Bener Meriah Highlands of the Aceh Province (also known as Gayoland) of Sumatra

Altitude: 1,500 plus Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Aceh just north of Takengon above lake Tawar

Processing: Wet Hulled and sun dried on clean concrete patios

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Harvest: Main - October - January, Fly crop - April - June

Certifications:  Organic

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