Yemen Haraaz A Traditional Dry Process Coffee

Yemen Haraaz Mountains Grade A Traditional Dry Process Premium small Lot Arabica raw coffee Beans

Tart citric and acetic acidity, full smooth body, blueberry, sweet, winey fruit, chocolate, nut, herbs, strawberry, lemon, green tea, spice, hints of caramel and orange, complex, crisp rich finish.

Roasting Aroma: Toast, sweet wine, red licorice, nut, molasses

Dry Aroma: Strawberry, fruit, blueberry, Chocolate, orange, melon, nut

Brewed Aroma: caramel, chocolate, spice, blueberry, orange

Limited availability Premium Microlot

Growers: Small Holders earn a significant premium for Selective picking and cup quality for this very special lot.

Varietals: Dawairi, Ismaili, Jaadi, Tuffahi

Altitude: 1900 - 2440 Meters

Harvest: March - May

Region: Haraaz

Processing: Traditional Yemeni process dry in the fruit on the trees, expertly managed to control flavor development. This distinctly Yemeni method of drying on the vine is often called Mocha or Mocca. The Mocha process produces a vibrant yet deep flavored coffee full of heavy fruit notes and earthy tone associated with high quality classic Yemen coffees.



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