Yemen Haraaz Fresh AA+ Natural raw coffee beans

Yemen Haraaz Mountains Grade AA+ Fresh Natural Dry Process Arabica Green coffee Beans

Sweet with tart fruit acidity, silky smooth body, sweet, fruit, strawberry, coriander, hints of blueberry and milk chocolate, soft floral, complex, nice sweet rich lasting finish

Roasting Aroma: Sweet, mild raspberry, cherry, green apple

Dry Aroma: Sweet, fruit, strawberry, coriander, mild cocoa

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, strawberry, blueberry, coriander, mild cocoa, soft floral

Growers: Small Holders, who earn a significant premium (over 88% of FOB price of the coffee) for Selective picking and cup quality of their coffees delivered to AL-Ezzi Industries.

Varietals: Dawairi, Jaadi, Tuffahi, other Heirloom varieties

Altitude: 1900 - 2440 Meters

Harvest: October - March

Grade: AA+ Haraaz Fresh; Fresh coffee Cherries purchased only from very select certified Small Holders, each Lot tracked by ID cards issued to Qualified Growers by AL-Ezzi Industries.

Region: Haraaz Mountains of Yemen

Processing: Natural dry process, Fresh coffee cherries from a select group of Growers are Naturally processed by AL-Ezzi at the mill to control flavor development and optimize Cup quality.

Limited availability Premium coffee. Produced by the same Supplier (AL-Ezzi Industries) and Region as our Yemen Haraaz Traceable A+. This Lot is Grade AA+ Fresh which has  unique coffee cherry Selection and processing methods. Each of our Yemen Haraaz coffees posses excellent and distinct flavor profiles.

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