Yemen Mocha A Traditional Arabica Coffee

Yemeni Mocha Grade A Natural Mocha Process Arabica raw coffee beans

Vibrant acidity, creamy body,  very rich flavor, tart winey fruit, berry, floral, red wine, cocoa, spice, complex, rich lasting finish.

Deep rich flavor and complex notes of fruit with a full creamy body to carry all that flavor.

Roast it anyway you like it's your money, but for our taste we wouldn't roast beyond Full City roast or risk losing that wonderful aroma and complex deep fruit character.

Roasting Aroma: Sweet wine, red licorice, raspberry candy

Dry Aroma: Strawberry, chocolate, lime, lemon, pineapple, bright orange.

Brewed Aroma: Berry, chocolate, sweet, fruit, caramel, floral

Growers: Various small holders across Yemen

Varietals: Mocha

Grade: A

Altitude: 1500 - 2000 Meters above sea level

Processing: Traditional Natural (Dry) method, with Yemen's also known and common as Mocha method where cherries are allowed to partially dry on the tree before removing skin and fruit, giving this coffee that deep mulled fruit complexity and creamy body.

Yemen is the First country to export Coffee as a commercial crop after migrating Pilgrims brought it from Ethiopia where it had been discovered by a Goat Heard.

The supply of Yemeni coffee is slowly shrinking due to aging varietals that are producing diminishing yields, as well as socioeconomic conditions. Conversely however the flavors and thereby cupping scores of many Yemeni coffees we are able to get are improving, causing both demand and cost of these fine coffees to increase. 

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