Zambia AAA Kateshi Est Yellow Honey Top Lot green coffee beans

Zambia AAA/AA Kateshi Estate Yellow Honey Top Lot Arabica Raw coffee

Bright sweetly balanced acidity, full smooth body, tangerine, sweet, fairly rich, lemon lime, caramel apple, real chocolate, almond, lasting finish.

Roasting Aroma: Sweet sugar cane, wine, lemon lime, chocolate

Dry Aroma: Deep chocolate, tangerine, fruit

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, tangerine, lemon lime, chocolate, sweet

Varietals: Catimor 129, Castillo, Java

Altitude: 1,350 - 1,400 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Northern Province; Sub-Region, Mafinga Hills near the town of Kasama

Grower / Processor: Kateshi Estate coffee farm. Kateshi Estate covers 2,466 hectares with 773 hectares dedicated to Eco friendly coffee production.

Processing: Yellow Honey and sun dried

Harvest: December - March

Grade: AAA/AA, Top Lot (highest scoring lots)

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