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Home Roast Coffee, LLC is a family (Scott, Donna, Sarah, Brooke, Bobby) owned small business developed over many years and established in 2012. My (Scott) lifelong dream is to provide a product we love that offers value, quality, and good taste in an honest and ethical manner that benefits both Producers and Consumers. Raw Specialty Coffee meets these requirements ideally with appropriate care in our selection of each coffee we offer.

I developed my understanding of Gourmet Coffee over many years with a large Regional Specialty Coffee Roaster and through continuing research. We enjoy learning about and tasting the wide variety of coffees from around the world. I decided to set out on my own to concentrate on what I really loved; Finding Great Tasting Coffees who's value exceeds their price and sharing them with those who appreciate the Fine Tastes created by Artisan Growers and Processors (People who care about flavor more than quantity). I discovered along the way that many exceptional Coffees are not expensive (some may be of coarse) and do in fact offer incredible values. Buying and roasting Green (simply not yet roasted) Specialty Coffee at home offers coffee Lovers the best value in high quality fresh coffee.

Specialty coffee grown and traded based on Taste and other quality characteristics inherently benefits Growers, Growing Communities, our Economy and Environment. Some Specialty coffees are certified Organic and Fair Trade and many more are Organic and fairly traded but simply not certified or labeled as such, we select carefully.

Please feel free to ask us why, and check our blog posts "Home Coffee Roasting Benefits" for some of the reasons it's good for you too.

Knowing how easy and rewarding home coffee roasting can be; our first Goal is to introduce home coffee roasting to anyone who loves coffee. This really excites me to inform other coffee lovers; you don't have to be an expert, a Barista, or a chef to roast some of the best coffee you've ever tasted at home in about ten minutes.

Our next Goal is to find coffees that taste great on their own, before; applying excessively complex roasting profiles, blending, or adding sugar and steamed milk. In other words just a Really Good Cup of Coffee. You can add the other things if you like.

Our aim is for you to enjoy your own coffee with very little effort or roasting experience. 

Home Roast Coffee, LLC business, and my personal, philosophy is:

  1. Keep it simple this isn't rocket science, We'll try to be concise and understandable.
  2. We love coffee and enjoy introducing you to the benefits of home coffee roasting.
  3. We support the Communities we affect; Local, Coffee, Environment, Global.
  4. Be Honest and Ethical in all communication, transactions, and relations.
  5. Respect Everyone; We will treat you as we would like to be treated.

We keep your Contact information only as required and will only contact you if you have agreed to future marketing, I really don't like getting a lot of promo emails myself so we will keep these to as few as possible. We will NOT sell or use your information outside this business, please see our Privacy Policy page for details. We do not have access to your credit information which is processed by our Web Host / Shopping Cart (Shopify) or PayPal. 

We ship the same or next business day depending on time and day of order.

We strive to offer solid value and stand behind every product we sell, be assured that our descriptions are accurate to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

Thank you! To all those who have helped get Home Roast Coffee, LLC up and running.

Please feel free to ask questions about Coffee, or Home Roasting through our Contact Us page, or email us at homeroastcoffeeusa@gmail.com, or call 608-413-0062.

Scott Brill

The Brill Family

Home Roast Coffee, LLC
1019 Tilda Trail
Cross Plains, WI 53528.