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Hi Scott,

I hope all is well in Wisconsin.  

Wanted to tell you...We don't get much in the way of winter weather down here in central North Carolina.  But when we do, everything shuts down because we just aren't prepared for it as far as clearing roads.  Well, Monday night we got a few of inches of snow/sleet and a shot of freezing rain on top of it, and as a result my office was closed yesterday.  So I got up and went for the Kona beans that you sent me last week.  I had roasted them Thursday night when I got them, and let them degas for a few days. I brewed them with my Chemex and my wife and I enjoyed one of the best cups of coffee for breakfast while enjoying a rare mid-week day off.  

Man, was that coffee smooth!  I roasted the beans to just past the first crack (City), and that was an awesome pot of coffee we enjoyed yesterday morning.  I spent a chunk of time the rest of the day roasting 3 pounds of 50/50 decaf for my folks, and I roasted a 1/2 lb of the Maui beans.  I'll let you know how those turn out.  

Thanks again for sending that for me to try. I'm struggling with whether I should spring for a couple pounds or not. Ha!  We'll see. 

Take care and I'll talk to you soon,


To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased the SR 500 Roaster with 4 lbs of Mexico Chiapas Organic beans and 2 lbs of free samples (nice touch!).  Delivery was extremely quick, a few days.  The roaster is simple to use.  The download pages for roasting and bean descriptions are very helpful for a novice such as me.  The beans are great!  Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my purchase, and this will be a regular part of my routine going forward.

Thank you!
Matt F

Thank you awsome shipping time it got here in two Day's!

Jade F

I just received my first shipment and just finished roasting in the snow.  I appreciate the timeliness of the shipment  and the free bag. I will definitely be placing orders it with you guys in the future


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I'm enjoying my recent purchase immensely. You have the best quality at the best price I have found anywhere. I was pleasantly surprised by the free sample of Ethiopian Harrar and couldn't wait to try it, it being number one on my list of varieties to try next. Everything arrived quickly and in excellent condition and I am currently working my way through the order. My whole family is so impressed with the freshness and quality of home roasted coffee that I may never buy store bought again.


  Body: Love, love, love my new Fresh Roast 500!  Thank you so much for the quick service - free priority mail 5 days before Christmas!!  WOW!!!  Appreciate, too, the free beans.  I'm ordering more - the coffee is GREAT!


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I am really enjoying the Fresh Roast I bought from you guys. I really like the adjustable fans and heat features. I probably have close to 50 roasts through it so far. From the last batch Of beans I ordered from you all, my fav. Would be the Sulawesi. Anyway the question I have is about the review that gets one the Free Shipping code. Is the review of the product purchased or of the sellers ,which would be Home Roast Coffee.I have a order ready to go,but if I can save on shipping,it made the cup even more enjoyable.
Sal Torrs


I ordered some green beans from Home roast coffee and it was here overnight! These people are wonderful with awesome service!  I will definitely be reordering from Home Roast coffee!  Thanks for the great service and wonderful coffee.

Kraig K. 

Great Yemen Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!Super Great Coffee packaging!!!!!!!!!!!!!Super Fast
Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO HOME ROAST COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love This Place!!!!!!!!!

We’ve had our Nesco Professional Coffee Bean Roaster for a month now and I just wanted to let you know that we love it! We’ve used it about 4 times and it has performed exactly as expected. I used to have a Behmor drum roaster and it was a bit more tricky to operate. My husband never had the desire to roast coffee beans because he thought it was just “too complicated”. He was the first one to roast coffee beans with our Nesco. He commented that “roasting coffee beans shouldn’t be complicated and that the Nesco makes it simple—as it should be!” We have also tried some of the sample beans that came with the roaster and have enjoyed every cup. I used to order my green coffee beans from a place in Florida but your prices are very comparable and you are much closer to us to ship (we live in IL) and so I will be ordering my next beans from your company instead. Thank you so much for providing a great product and good customer service. Fresh coffee always puts a smile on our faces every morning!


Susan Gar

Gilson, IL

Hi Scott,

I wanted to send you a separate e-mail since you wrote me a note on my Blue Mountain receipt asking about the roaster I use.  I left a small feedback on your Facebook page, and I guess you've seen my other e-mail.  Since you asked, a little about what I'm doing...

I work full-time in the textile industry as a technical director for a company in North Carolina.  we are a non-profit fiber company based in the Raleigh area.  In my work, I get to travel a lot, and over the past few years I have traveled numerous times to Latin America - mainly to Lima, Peru and Medellin, Colombia.  Well, one thing I like to do is find good food and drink when I travel.  I want to experience the local life when I can - especially the food.  Naturally, what I latched onto down there was the coffee - it is so good.  To me it was the best coffee I had ever had, and I loved good coffee before I went.  I became obsessed with finding that same smooth, floral, chocolaty flavored coffee back here in the US.  I was even so enamored with the South American stuff that I began bringing bags of coffee back with me for my use and for friends.  Last time I left Colombia I had packed (15) 12 oz Juan Valdez bags.  Ha...

About a year ago my father sent me an article out of our local paper about some folks roasting their own coffee at home, and they spoke about how much better fresh roasted coffee is, etc.  I did some research into it and it was intriguing to me.  I got hooked. I ordered a Fresh Roast 500 and have been roasting for about a year on that.  I am currently roasting for my family, my parents and some church and work friends.  I have actually worked at it and I've gotten good at it, I think.  I really enjoy this and have even begun writing some about it.  I started a little blog just this week at and I also created a Facebook page called N8with8 Coffee Roasters.  While nothing is official (as in LLC, etc.), I came up with the name based on a nickname I've come to sport since a work accident in 2002 - I lost 2 fingers.  :-)  So my friends call me "Nate with Eight".  I came up with the name of a coffee roasting business I'd like to have, one daughter made me a logo and another played around with the website creation.  I do the writing and roasting.  It's a fun thing.  

Technically, this is still a hobby for me, but I'd like to get a few more folks asking me to roast beans for them, and upgrade the Fresh Roast.  In fact, the way I found your website was in my research of Behmors and Gene Cafes.   I have been trying to decide which roaster I should upgrade to.  Over Christmas I roasted a bunch of coffee to give away to friends as presents, and I had some friends asking for some.  One friend asked me to roast him 3 pounds.  You can imagine how long it took me to roast 3 pounds of coffee on my Fresh Roast.  Phew!  So I need to upgrade to more capacity.  Thus the research.  

I think I have come to the decision that the Gene Cafe is for me.  Roasting with the Fresh Roast, I cut my teeth roasting by sight, sound, smell and am very hands-on.  I don't want to simply push a button and be done with it.  I want to be creative.  I roast coffee like I cook - by feel and sight.  To me, the Gene Cafe is that roaster.  There's been one problem, however...the cost.  If the GC was priced where the Behmor is, I'd have already bought one.  But that extra $200 is hard to overlook.  I've been looking around and asking and reading, and almost everyone likes the Gene Cafe more than any other home roaster.  And I think I know that.  But the cost is tough.  I've even looked for used machines, but can't find anything.  

Anyway...I think I've likely told you much more than you wanted to know, but I appreciate you asking.  I really enjoy home roasting, and I really want to learn as much as I can and be able to produce high quality coffees for myself and others.  It brings me joy for someone to drink some of my coffee and realize how good fresh roasted coffee can be.  I actually give away more than I keep, but I enjoy it because I'm teaching my friends how to get great coffee.  Any thoughts or comments or advice you have, please share.  

Take care, and I'm sure I'll be in touch in the near future,  

Body: Hi, I just bought 2 lb. of yemen coffee last week and it is very very very good. Thank you very much!
I want to buy 5 lb. this time, but it says sold out.
Should I buy 2 or 3 of 2 lb. bags?
Would you make 5 Lb. bag?

  Body: Good afternoon,
Well, I now have enough experience with the SR500 to give some feedback. I love the fact that I can play with roast temperatures, fan speeds and time in order to get things just right. I find I have more control with 32 oz batches. Here are two of the profiles I just did today:

Columbian, full city roast - 2nd crack just starting:

Begin - 5.9 minutes, high blower, low heat
4 minutes, move to high heat
2.5 minutes, blower to medium
1 minute, blower to low
.3 minutes, turn time down to force cool; blower to high

Burundi - just past full city, not quite espresso - middle of 2nd crack:

Begin: 5.9 minutes, blower high, heat low
4.5 minutes, heat to high
3 minutes, blower to medium
1.7 minutes, blower to low
.8 minutes, time to cool, blower to high.

That's my experience so far. I do like this machine and would not hesitate to recommend it. Some of the problems I have seen in various reviews are, in my opinion, the result of not playing with heat, blower speeds and coffee amount; in other words, too much heat at first, too much coffee in the machine (5 oz just will not circulate) and I can see where you will have circulation problems and an inconsistent roast.

Thanks for getting me started with this!

Dan Colbrn, Delavan

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  Name: Mark Hoffen
  Phone: 352 377-1
  Body: Hi Scott,
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanks for your prompt service on the SR500 and free coffee.
Thought is was coming yesterday per tracking info, but when it didn't I thought it would be after Thanksgiving.  So for Thanksgiving I thought I would get nostalgic and took out my mother's glass percolator that I used to watch her use over 60 years ago.  Ironically while it was perking (or boiling and burning) this morning,  the mail lady shows up at the door with my order.
Nice Thanksgiving surprise.
I've roasted some Columbian beans. Works great.  I'll let them sit for a day or two, but they already smell great.
Love the roaster so far and it roasts the perfect amount of coffee for my house.

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  Name: Alvin Freu
  Phone: (304)-300-0
  Body: I ordered coffee on Friday it was here on Tuesday-Wow. Great service-Also the coffee is wonderful. Thanks

Hi Scott,

I have been enjoying roasting my own coffee and exploring your different types of beans throughout most of the summer and now into the fall. The Guatemalan Antigua is still my favorite so far. I love being able to have full control over just how dark my coffee is roasted on any given day. The difference in flavor can be quite amazing and it's been a lot of fun to play with. Thank you for the sample of the Sumatran you tossed me with my last purchase! I will be placing an order as soon as my stockpile of beans starts to run low. I would guess maybe a month or so.

Thanks again,

Dave N