Frequently Asked Questions


EP: Hand picked / processed; European Process, Hand picking is the only way to be sure only the ripe cherries are picked not green or overripe ones.

SHG: Strictly High Grown, Produced at the highest altitude usually associated with the densest and slowest growth for a sweeter bean. A country specific grade.

 HG: High Grown, Produced at high altitude usually associated with a denser and sweeter bean. A country specific grade.

SHB: Strictly Hard Bean,  The densest of beans usually Produced at the highest altitude and associated with the slowest growth for a sweeter bean. A country specific grade.

HB: Hard Bean,  A very dense bean usually Produced at high altitude and associated with  slow growth for a sweeter bean. A country specific grade.

Sc: Screen size, Coffee beans role down a vibrating chute with ever increasing diameter holes, the larger beans don't fall through until they reach the appropriate sized hole, 16, 17, 18, or 19. I find larger beans slightly easier to roast and may notice different but not necessarily better flavor profiles associated with a larger size of the same bean. There is No flavor advantage of size across varying Origins.

What is Process?

 How the skin and fruit is removed from the coffee cherry to yield the seed we use for coffee.

What is Natural process?

 Also, Dry Method; Fresh picked Coffee cherries are allowed to dry on the ground or raised beds to loosen the fruit from the seed before mechanically and or washing the fruit and skin off.

What is Wet process?

 Also Fully Washed Method; Fresh picked coffee cherries are allowed to soak in water to loosen the fruit and skin from the seeds before mechanically wet washing the fruit from the seed. 

What is Semi Dry process?

 Variation on the Dry Method where the skin and some fruit are removed mechanically before allowing coffee cherries to dry on the ground before washing the remaining fruit from the seeds.

What is the best Coffee?  That all depends on your taste on the Day you're doing the tasting.

What is the best Home Coffee Bean Roaster?

That depends on you and your needs:

If you're just getting started and don't want to sink a fortune into an electric home appliance but don't want to spill the beans and have uneven fry pan burns our Home Coffee Roasters Beginners kit with a Whirley Pop is a nice way to start.

If you like Simplicity, an even roast, and need to reduce smoke from your roasting; the NESCO coffee bean Roaster may be your best choice.

If you simply want a low cost Electric Roaster select the New NESCO Home Coffee Roaster, no bells or whistles but it will do the job none the less.

If you want great control over small 4 ounce roasts and don't mind a little smoke and a bright roast profile go with the FreshRoast SR540.

If you're a computer control and software fan and  want great control over small 4 ounce roasts and don't mind a little smoke and a bright roast profile go with the FreshRoast SR700. Note, this model no longer available see SR800.

If you want a larger batch or rounder roast profile and may want to vent your roaster to the outside with excellent control and repeatability the Gene Cafe Roasters are for you.

If you are looking for a true Drum style roast profile an 9 ounce capacity great control and repeatability then the Hottop Coffee Bean Roasters may be for you.

What are Roast Levels?

Simply How dark your coffee beans are when finished roasting. Only a Home Coffee Roaster can control exactly how dark or light their coffee beans are roasted, you can stop anywhere between Light and Holy Cow that's Dark.

From Light to Dark they are:

Cinnamon Roast = Really flippin light

New England Roast = Pretty light

American Roast =  Favorite of most folks it's brown and you can taste the coffee

City Roast = Another big favorite a little more bite a darker brown still dry

Full City Roast = a few getting shiny, very dark brown, bitter sweet taste emerging

Vienna Roast = Many shiny almost black bittersweet taste dominates losing acidity

French Roast = Burnt that is why they add Milk

Italian Roast = Really flippin burnt, add milk and sugar

Spanish Roast = Charcoal, it doesn't matter what bean you started with.

Espresso Roast - there is NO such thing, most quality coffee shops use City - Vienna to make Espresso and Espresso drinks.

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee:

Is used in Coffee shops.

Meets rigorous standards; for taste, limits type and number of defects, and absence of taints.

Is grown, picked, processed and tested to produce higher scores and earn a greater premium over basic C market Arabica Coffee.

Is described by It's Country and Region of Origin, Varietal of plant, Process used to remove the fruit, size, Organic, Fair Trade, and possibly grade.

Is Cupped (carefully tasted) by Producers, Exporters, Importers, Traders, Buyers, to further describe the coffee in Cupping Notes for use by Consumers.

Is part of a modern cultural desire to consume products that are better produced and healthier for us.

What is Shade Grown?

Coffee that primarily grows under the shade of larger trees, often Cocoa or fruit trees. Coffee is a diminutive plant that flourishes at very high altitudes with little sunlight in the shade of other plants. The limited sunlight lengthens the maturation period of the fruit which allows it to develop more sugar and flavor in the bean, slower is better.

What is Arabica?

Arabica coffee is the species of coffee plant that, though more delicate than it's near relative Robusta, produces a more consistent quality flavor coffee.

What is Robusta Coffee?

Robusta is a heartier species of coffee capable of surviving at lower altitudes and in greater sunlight than Arabica. Robusta is easier to grow and is more productive than Arabica, it is used in Instant Coffees and coffee flavored drink powders.

What is Organic?

They use Poop and Compost.

What is fair Trade?

The Producer / Grower receives a fair price based on the quality of the product in the market. Coffee (Farming) Coops are helping Growers learn to produce and conglomerate the purchase of modern processing equipment that improves quality. By purchasing High quality Specialty Coffee we promote Fair Trade by paying a premium for our coffees. Several Fair Trade organizations also play a part and often negotiate additional premiums to support social causes in coffee Growing Communities.

OR; They Don't get Pooped On. 

How do I save on Shipping?

Shipping rates are set so you can order up to 5 Lb of most beans for $8.99;

11 Lbs of most beans for $16.59; and up to 17 Lbs for $20.99

These reflect the cost to actually ship to Most States, subject to change.

How Long will Green coffee beans stay Fresh?

Months or more, keep them out of direct sunlight, cool, and dry. They can breath just not near anything smelly.

How long will Raosted Coffee stay Fresh?

Three Weeks. Whole bean coffee gives off C02 for up to 3 weeks. I feel it tastes fresh for about TEN Days kept in air tight package out of direct sunlight, cool and dry.

Does Fresh Roasted Coffee need to Rest?

Yes, after cooling to room temperature after roasting put your beans in an air tight package for at least 4 hours, I prefer 12 to 24 hours before grinding to brew. Some Complex coffees like Sumatra and Ethiopia may benefit from an additional day or two of Rest.

Should I store coffee in the Refrigerator / Freezer?

No; Condensation, circulating air, other smelly things, this is not good for coffee.

How long does it take to Roast Coffee?

Depends on you, how much, how you roast, and experience. With a little experience on a stove with a Whirley Pop about Ten Minutes for a half pound to a pound. In a NESCO 5 ounces takes 25 minutes but you push a button and it goes, check it like a toaster.

Why should I Roast Coffee at Home?

Fresh anything is BETTER. Package coffee in stores is often MONTHS old when it gets to the store, see above answer to "How long will Roasted Coffee stay Fresh".

You control exactly how dark the roast is for each bean.

Amazing variety of Green Coffees available.

Many Specialty Green coffees are Organic and Fair Trade

Better quality coffee for a lower price.

You see exactly what you're getting, no funky Blend BS 

Nice Home Roast Coffee man needs your help to offer even more great coffees.