FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster

FreshRoast SR540 Home Coffee Bean Roaster $209 includes 2 stand up coffee storage bags and Free Shipping in the Continental USA.

Summer 2024 Promo: Free shipping in all Lower 48 states and 2 Lbs free green coffee beans. While supply lasts.

FreshRoast SR540 has several new features that make Home coffee roasting even easier and more precise than with previous models.

Real time temperature displays the temperature as you roast just by turning the knob.

You can set up your (or use the preset parameters) repeatable roast program and then change it as you roast at any time without interrupting the functions of the heat or fan as you roast unless you want to, up to the cooling cycle (previous models had a slight pause).

This has a slightly larger roast chamber and chaffe basket size than the previous very popular SR500 but with several NEW features. It has the same capacity of about 4 ounces (113 grams) green coffee beans (3.5 ounces if you like Dark roasts), comes with the same scoop for beans which I don't use but rather recommend you weigh the beans (or just don't overfill the scoop).

Includes the FreshRoast SR540 Coffee Roaster, 2 stand up coffee storage pouches for your roasted coffee, small aprox 1 oz scoop, User Guide. Manufacturer's limited warranty.

Roast up to 4 ounces of green coffee in under ten minutes, enough for 20 cups of coffee. This is the same roasting capacity as the previous model FreshRoast SR500.

Fluid Bed Roasters like the SR540 produce a generally brighter roast (of the same bean) than a Drum type roaster and may require a little more time to develop darker roasts than many stove top methods. Some smoke is produced especially at Dark roast levels. 

Free shipping in the Midwest continental USA only, $18 shipping cost all other parts of the continental USA, includes 2 stand up coffee storage pouches, Please Include your Phone # when ordering for Shipping use.

  • Manufactured by: Fresh Roast
  • Manufacturer limited Warranty
  • Real time temperature display
  • Speed Roast fluid motion system ensures fast even roasting
  • Nine heat power settings allow precise roasting control
  • Nine convection fan settings to control bean movement
  • Adjust heat, fan, or time settings without interrupting the roast process
  • Fluid Bed Hot Air Coffee Roaster
  • Free ground shipping in MidWest Continental USA
  • Free 2 stand up pouches
  •  Must Include your phone # when ordering.

 No returns, No refunds, roaster sales are final due to food safety concerns.

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