Replacement FreshRoast Coffee Roaster Glass Roasting Chamber

Glass Roasting Chamber $23.98 for FreshRoast SR300, SR500, and SR700 Home Coffee Bean Roasters 

This OEM Glass Roast Chamber fits current models of FreshRoast SR500, SR300, and SR700 Home Coffee Bean Roasters.

All Replacement Parts sales are Final, No returns, No exchanges, No refunds, No discussions. All of the Replacement Parts we sell are New Original Equipment Manufacture, purchased directly from the Distributor or Manufacturer of the machine in the USA. We do our best to inspect each part before shipping to ensure it is what we say it is, but take no responsibility in the manufacture of the part. Actual defects in Replacement Parts are extremely rare, contact the Distributor or Manufacturer for assistance.  This policy Protects You our Customer from possible contamination of your purchase caused by proximity to items received from unknown sources, and the possibility of receiving a used item.

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