Stainless Steel Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper Coffee Roaster

Whirley Pop Stainless Steel Coffee roaster $58.88 Ok, these are made for Popping popcorn but work great for roasting coffee at home. You can easily roast a half pound of coffee or with some practice roast up to a full pound of coffee. Roasting up to a pound of coffee will create a substantial amount of smoke especially at darker roasts  so open a window or turn on the vent fan.

This is the same size and design as the ever popular original Whirley Pop that we have been using to roast coffee for years. The heavier base and top are made of Stainless Steel for more even heat distribution and consistent coffee roasting. The gears on the Stainless Steel Whirley Pop are made of metal for increased durability as well.

7 1/2" h X 9 1/2" dia w/o handle, 18" dia with handle.

Easy to use for roasting coffee for beginners yet capable of a huge variety of complex roasts. Excellent for learning to recognize the signals of roast levels and taste profiles available by roasting your own fine Specialty coffee. Roast a half a pound or more in about ten minutes. Easy to see and hear your coffee as it roasts you can determine roast level using a thermometer, listening for the Cracks, or just watching for desired color. We prefer the WHIRLEY POP for roasting coffee over the other brands of hand crank poppers because it does a better job of stirring the beans.


  • Easy to use, put coffee in, turn on the heat, turn the handle, watch and listen
  • See, hear, and measure temp easily with direct access to roasting chamber
  • Economical, the savings on green coffee can pay for it in a few roasts
  • Use it anywhere you have heat, stove, gas grill, camp stove, camp fire
  • You pick the exact roast level you want for every roast
  • Fast, roast more than a half pound in about ten minutes
  • Easy to clean




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