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From the Birthplace of Coffee in western Ethiopia the Mankira forest in the Kaffa Region Grounds For Healthstill produces Ethiopian Heirloom "Native Kaffa Type" Semi-forest and wild farming coffee. This may very well be the closest we can get to the flavor of coffee first discovered by humans centuries ago. Generously donated by Atlas Coffee Importers to the Coffee Auction to support their efforts to provide health services to women in coffee growing locations. We are happy to be the high bidder on this fine coffee in support of Grounds For Health and now have it available for you. This coffee reflects our goals of Great Taste, Value, People and Earth friendly. We will additionally donate $1 for every pack of Ethiopa Kaffa Forest Chiri Coop GFH gr 2 sold on our website this year.


Ethiopia Kaffa Forest Chiri Coop Coffee      Mankira Forest Birthplace of Coffee           Chiri Coop Smallholder Members

Chiri Coop is a TNS project to organize and educate 440 Smallholder farmers around a centralized Wetmill, Drying, and storage facility "Chiri". The Farmers hand pick and sort the coffee cherries for proper ripeness before submitting to processing.

Chiri Coop uses a modern Eco Pulper to remove the skin and fruit from the cherries while consuming 1/10 the normal amount of water used in the Washed process.  

Atlas Coffee Importers cupping note: "Black currant and cocoa in the aroma. Flavors of currant, blackberries, hazelnut and cocoa. Very flavor intense with distinct blackberry acidity. The mouth feel is rich, intense and juicy. Overall it is complex and balanced with mature dark fruit notes and great body."

Photos of Mankira Forest Ethiopia and Chiri Coop Members, and Kaffa / Chiri information courtesy of Atlas Coffee Importers.

Scott Brill
Scott Brill