How we pack Green Coffee Beans

Specialty coffee is often chosen by the Country and Region of Origin. Here is how we make sure you get the Gourmet Green coffee you order.

Home Roast Coffee is just the three of us so maintaining consistent standard operating procedures is pretty easy. We receive an email notification for every order that we use as the packing slip, we also check the order in our site for any special information. 

Every bag of coffee we receive is tagged at the dock with it's full Tittle and weight and stored in a specified location based alphabetically. We select the Bag of coffee that matches the pick list and label the appropriate zip bag for the weight. When finished with the Origin bag we mark the Lbs removed on the tag with the date, seal the bag and replace it in the proper storage location.

Panama Finca Candela coffee pulled from storage to packing station and opened.


Panama Finca Candela ready to scoop


We use a fresh scoop, pitcher, and funnel for every coffee so we Zero out the commercial scale for every coffee before packing.

The Big funnel helps get the beans in the bag.

5 Lbs Panama Finca Candela ready to fill bag.


Setting Tare weight to zero for weight of bag on our second commercial scale with 5 Lb Panama Finca Candela ready for a second weight check.


Panama Finca Candela 5 Lbs ready to tape and ship.

Now that the 5 Lb Panama is ready to go we put it in the shipping package and check it on the packing slip.

When every item on the packing slip is checked off we check the packing weight of the package to be certain it matches the total Lbs purchased and sign the packing slip.

We want you to enjoy your coffee and that includes getting what you ordered as soon as we can get it shipped.

Fresh Ground Coffee

In keeping with our keep it simple philosophy - A thought on Fresh Coffee

Coffee is an amazing little seed. When it is raw (Green) it yields and takes in very little aroma or flavor, it's basically inert.

Once we roast it, coffee becomes brittle and expels C02 gas and aromas for a limited time, usually about 2 to three weeks. That is fresh coffee! Beyond three weeks of roasting call it what you want but I wouldn't call it fresh.

Simple physics tells us once we grind coffee we increase surface area exponentially and those gasses and flavors escape proportionately in just minutes.


Fresh Coffee is Ground just before Brewing and Roasted within 3 Week of Brewing.