Home Coffee Roasting Benefits #2

Guys Really! I shouldn't have to tell you this one but here goes. 


Why do some of us stand outside in the cold watching a huge pot of boiling oil that may just burn our house to the ground on Thanksgiving?

Why do we spend hours smoking Ribs or a nice Brisket?

Why do so many of us smell like charcoal a good part of the year just to cook a couple of steaks and a pile of hamburgers?




Is it because we have to eat? 

We could eat something from a box. We could eat something from a bag.

We could drink something somebody else cooked, who knows when, or worse put in a can, but why?


The sense of accomplishment we get when we make something great, especially when we enjoy it with Family and Friends!

Fresh Roasted Coffee is simply better!  


Roasting great tasting coffee can be as easy as popping corn.

Scott Brill
Scott Brill