Home Coffee Roasting Benefits #5

YOU SAVE $ on delicious Coffee.

On Our site alone there are 17 Origin Coffees priced BELOW $7 per Lb that are all Specialty Grade which are better than much of what you will find in most Grocery or Department stores. Coffees of this Quality are generally found at your local Coffee Shop, high end Artisan Roasters, or Specialty Green Coffee websites like homeroastcoffee.com (us).

In most cases in Grocery, Department, or even Super stores a semi decent Bag of coffee will run $7 to $12 for a twelve ounce Bag. Yes look closely most store bag coffee comes in 12 ounces, that of course is only 3/4 of a pound.

Much better coffee available in your local Coffee Shop or from an Artisan Roaster (usually well worth it) will often cost over $9 per Lb. 

When you roast your own coffee you do lose 2 or 3 ounces to moisture and separation of Chaff so you end up with 13 or 14 ounces per Lb.

You will also have shipping cost to get your raw coffee beans which you can minimize by ordering 4 to 5 Lbs, 10 to 11 Lbs, or 16 or more Lbs, which in most cases will put shipping cost around $1.05 to $1.27 per Lb, at homeroastcoffee.com 30 Lbs will usually get free shipping, contact us if you don't.

During March 2014 we even have a coupon code on our FB page for Free Shipping for orders of $75 or more, that's 12 or 13 Lbs of coffee. 

So even if you buy only 5 Lbs of our Green Coffee at say $30.30 (Ave $6.06) ad $5.99 shipping, your net cost after roasting (net 14 oz/Lb) is $0.52 per oz.

The cheapest store bag coffee (by no means a comparable quality, only quantity) at $7 (12 oz) is $0.58 per oz. 

Calculate the number of Lbs of Coffee you use in a year by that $1 savings (aprox) per Lb and I'll bet you can think of something better to spend it on than that old baggy store coffee.

Scott Brill
Scott Brill