Incredible Discovery

I usually enjoy each Origin coffee for its' own unique qualities and leave blending alone unless I'm searching for a combination to enhance a particular aspect like taste sustainability of our Preppers Bulk blend.

Thanks to the unusually cold weather we've had this year I have spent what extra time I've had playing with new coffee blends. Some were pleasant and some were quite good, but a couple of these unique blends have been outstanding. 

The first of these outstanding blends was a serendipitous discovery of amazing complexity and balance of characteristics that led Donna to ask before I had even taken a sip "What's in that blend? It's Really Good!". We have decided to call this our Signature blend and should ad it to the Green Beans offerings soon.

The Second was planned and tweaked to be The Best Breakfast Blend I could make if I could use whatever Coffee I wanted. I have long enjoyed Breakfast blends and wanted to really accentuate the crisp yet smooth nature and not too heavy with a sweet clean finish of the blend.

No set of blends would be complete without an Espresso blend and I put a delicious twist on this one I think you'll enjoy.

Possibly one more that has been so good and so complex we're not sure what to call it, this one changes personality more than most as you change the roast. We may take a few weeks to work on this one, testing various roasts and resting times before coming up with a name.

Look for our new blends on the Green Coffee Beans page in April.




Scott Brill
Scott Brill