Burundi A Sogestal Kirimiro Teka Bourbon Green Coffee Beans

Burundi A Sogestal Kirimiro Teka Washing Station Fully Washed Bourbon Arabica raw coffee beans

Bright acidity, medium body, sweet tea, ruby red grapefruit, quite rich, sweet, hints of tangerine, peach, and hazelnut, clean, soft lasting finish.

Just received in a new crop, the roast smells similar but have not cupped it yet so the cup note may not exactly match.

Roast Aroma: Citrus fruit, cherry, peach

Dry Aroma: Dark chocolate, nuts, grapefruit, tangerine

Brewed Aroma: Cocoa, nuts, fruit, light spice

Growers: Small holder Family farmers near the Teka Washing Station.

Processor: Teka washing station, Producer of numerous Cup Of Excellence coffees is renowned for it's meticulous coffee processing.

Region: Kirimiro, one of Burundi's best Specialty coffee growing Regions

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1,932 Meters Above Sea Level

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Grade: A

Processing: Fully Washed (12 to 18 hours) and sun dried on raised African beds 8 to 10 days

Harvest: June - September

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