Colombia F T Organic Tolima Planadas Arabica Coffee

Organic Colombia Tolima Planadas FT raw Arabica Coffee Beans.

Bright acidity, syrupy body, sweet, complex, brown sugar, orange, tea, clean, floral, spice, cola, chocolate, fairly rich, cinnamon, clean lasting finish. Acidity noticeably varies with roast, citrus notes bloom as it cools.

Differentials (the amount between C Market price and what we pay based on Demand for the better quality coffee) on all better quality coffees are going up partially due to Lower quantities available and increased Demand for higher quality coffees.

Roast Aroma: Bright, sweet, deep, spice.

Dry Aroma: Chocolate, orange, floral, cinnamon

Brewed Aroma: Caramel, chocolate, orange, floral, spice

Varietals: Caturra, Colombia (typica)

Growers: Various small holders

Region: Tolima; Sub-Region, Planadas which produces more Cup Of Excellence Finalists than any other Region of Colombia.

Altitude: 1,800 Meters Above Sea Level

Screen Size: 15 and up

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried

Harvest: January - March

Certifications: Organic

Exceptionally complex for an Organic Colombia in this price range. Easy to roast at any level, Bold acidity, with almost syrupy body. This Fair Trade Organic Colombian coffee originates from Tolima Department (region) in the Sub-Region of Planadas which produces more Cup Of Excellence Finalists than even Huila or Narino.

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