Costa Rica Organic La Hacienda Amistad Coffee Beans

Costa Rica Finca Amistad certified Organic Shade Grown Roberto Montero Arabica coffee beans for roasting

Bright sweetly balanced acidity, smooth heavy body, sweet, chocolate, faint citrus, clean, caramel, strawberry, lemon as it cools, toffee finish.

Fairly rare find for a Costa Rica both the Puntarenas region and Organic certified. This Costa Rica Organic caught our interest first for being organic, and then the unique, for a Costa Rica, very mild citrus flavor component.

New Crop just in so we have not had the opportunity to fully cup this crop year but initial tests have been excellent. The Grower sent less coffee these last two seasons to maintain their high standards. They also had to raise the price, we have had to increase our price unfortunately but our supply should be fairly good this year as we have pre purchased this quality coffee on contract. 

Roasting Aroma: Popcorn, sweet fruit, cinnamon

Dry Aroma: Chocolate, lemon, strawberry

Brewed Aroma: Chocolate, floral, strawberry, caramel, brown sugar

Grower: Roberto Montero, 3rd generation coffee Grower dedicated to preserving nature and fair treatment of Employees

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,500 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Coto Brus, Province of Puntarenas Costa Rica, near it's border with Panama

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried and mechanical.

Farm: Hacienda La Amistad established 1900 ish, originally consisted of 10,000 Hectares, 6,000 hectares have been donated by the Montero family to Costa Rica to create La Amistad International Natural Reserve the largest natural forest preserve in Central America. Additionally 3,700 hectares are dedicated forest preserve leaving 3oo hectares for growing Organic coffee and dried fruit production which provides 100 full time jobs. La Amistad provides free housing and medical care to seasonal employees (Coffee Pickers) along with school supplies for employees and their children.

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