Decaf Costa Rica SWP SHB EP unroasted Coffee

Decaffeinated Costa Rica SHB EP Swiss Water Process Arabica Coffee for Roasting

Nice Costa Rica Profile, bright, medium light body, citrus, sweet, and clean. Very drinkable on it's own or blends well with several heavy body coffees.

Just got more in but unfortunately the cost has gone way up, however I should have plenty on hand.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company (SWP) is highly respected for Pioneering it's unique chemical free decaffeinating process and selecting excellent coffees that best maintain their Origin Characteristics.

Strictly Hard Bean, SHB: Coffee grown at very high Altitude produce a denser (Strictly Hard Bean) more vibrant flavor profile than those grown at lower Altitudes. Higher altitudes provide an Arabica Coffee friendly environment, the climate tends to be cooler with less direct sunshine and plenty of moisture. This causes the coffee fruit to mature slowly allowing more time to develop depth and sweetness, as well as many of the desirable characteristics we look for in fine Specialty coffees.

European Process (EP): Hand Sorting to remove defects to the "EP Standard" continues until no more than 8 defects are found in a 300 gram sample. This obviously very labor intense hand sorting improves Cup Quality and Consistency.

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