Decaf Kenya AA SWP green coffee beans

Kenya AA / AB FW Decaffeinated Swiss Water Process Unroasted Arabica Coffee Beans

 Bright, sweet, berry

 Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company (SWP) is highly respected for Pioneering it's unique chemical free decaffeinating process and selecting excellent coffees that best maintain their Origin Characteristics.

Growers: Small Holder Producers throughout Kenya, consolidated through Kenya's Co-Op Auction system based on size and cup quality.

Grade: AA / AB; AA grade represents largest screen size beans from Kenya.

Altitude: 1,450 - 1,950 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Not traceable to any particular Region but accumulated to reach the Top score

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Harvest: Fly crop June - August, Main crop October - December

Note thanks to Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company (SWP)

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