Dem Rep Congo Organic Gera SOPACDI Microlot green coffee beans

Organic Democratic Republic of the Congo SOPACDI Coop South Kivu Gera Village Microstation Fully Washed Lot 2 Arabica raw coffee beans

Bright wine like acidity, juicy body, lemon lime, caramel, chamomile, tangy, rich, chocolate, sweet and savory, mild fruit notes, finish varies with roast.

Roast Aroma: Chocolate ice cream, pineapple, tangerine

Dry Aroma: Faint fruit, lemon lime, milk chocolate

Brewed Aroma: Chamomile, mild fruit, milk chocolate, caramel

Best from Light roast through Full City Roast, Not recommended for very dark roasts.

Varietals: Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Kabare 2

Region: South Kivu Province, Kalehe Territory, Gera Village

Altitude: 1,530 Meters Above Sea Level

Growers:  88 Small holder (under 2 Hectares land on average) Coffee Farmers 17 of these are women who are all Members of SOPACDI Cooperative delivering ripe coffee cherry to Ruhunde-Gera Microstation in Gera DR Congo.

Producer: SOPACDI Coop (Solidarite Payanne pour La Promotion des Actions Cafe et Development Integral) established in 2003 to help local Farmers gain direct Market access from their remote Highlands. Also, to improve the quality of the Specialty coffee they produce to create a sustainable income for Coffee Growers. The Coop has over 5600 Members near lake Kivu and includes about 20 percent Women Members. SOPACDI Coop was the first in Congo to achieve Fare Trade Certification and also carries Organic Certification to produce  Specialty Arabica coffee. SOPACDI includes 10 Microstations each producing Traceable Fare Trade Organic Specialty coffee.

Processing: Gera Microstation receives ripe coffee cherries direct from 88 Local Growers seventeen of whom are women, then grades and sorts cherries into Lots by quality and day received, each lot is unique. Coffee is depulped the day it is received and dry fermented for 12 hours, then wet fermented for 12 hours, followed by a trip though the wash canal and another 12 hour wet soak. Drying takes 20 to 25 days on raised beds under light shade. This painstaking process is considered Fully Washed.

Harvest: March - June

Certification:  USDA Organic

Export: June - October

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