Ethiopia Bishan Fugu Organic Hambela Natural Gr 1 Special Prep Raw Coffee Beans

Organic Ethiopian Bishan Fugu Hambela Grade 1 Natural Special Prep Arabica raw coffee beans

Bright sweet acidity, smooth juicy body, blueberry, floral, spice, very sweet, blackberry, raspberry, , complex, sweet clean finish.

Bishan Fugu Natural is very clean for an Ethiopia Natural which is thanks to Hambela's meticulous processing. The finish is notable for it's lack of the Bourbon like finish that is common with many Ethiopian Naturals.

Roasting Note: This Lot seems to be sensitive to over roasting and / or baking. I have had to back off the heat and reduce roasting times to achieve the superior cup this coffee is capable of.  I recomend this coffee only to those who have the experience and ability to roast it properly.

Bishan Fugu is a neighboring farm owned and managed by the Hambela Farm with the meticulous Natural processing performed at the Hambela Farm. As we have come to expect from Michael and Aman Adinew Owners / Growers at Hambela farm METAD the quality and taste are exceptional. 

Roasting Aroma: Sweet, fruit, raspberry, blueberry

Dry Aroma: Fruit, blackberry, blueberry, sweet

Brewed Aroma: Blueberry, spice, cocoa, fruit

Varietals: Indigenous Heirloom Ethiopia

Altitude: 1,900 - 2,200 Meters above sea Level

Region: Oromia; Guji, Alaka District

Soil: Clay minerals

Process: Natural / Sun dried on raised beds

Harvest: October - January

Certification: USDA Organic 

Grower: Michael and Aman Adinew Family owners of METAD Agricultural Development at their Hambela coffee farm. The Family has been highly involved in the improvement of Ethiopian coffee for many years. Hambela Coffee Estate is invested with modern infrastructure and high quality detailed coffee processing, enabling this Rare Single Farm Ethiopian coffee offering. METAD is progressively fostering the Community both Economically and Culturally.  METAD employs a growing workforce that is comprised 70% by women, and shares modern agricultural equipment with other Farmers in the Community. They have sponsored a state of the art Elementary school and partnered with Grounds For Health offering health care services to Local women. METAD built and operates the first state of the art certified SCAA quality control cupping lab in Africa.

Farm: Hambela Coffee Estate, Owned by METAD Agricultural Development, held by the same Family since post World War II acquisition by Africa's First Female Pilot and family patriarch, Muluemebet Emiru.

Independent Blind (they only knew it was Ethiopia) Review by Our Customer Mary:

"I just tried the Ethiopia sample that you sent - WOW!!!! It is fabelous...taste like a natural process.... lovely strawberries, raspberries, ripe blueberries, spice, and a floral quality that balances out the fruit. Reminds me of a bit of a Ethiopia Natural Aricha ...but more floral and spice.

I hope that you are already or planning to sell this. Please let me know :)


P.S. Forgot to add that the Ethiopia sample you sent had the most blueberries (flavor-wise) than most Ethiopias that I have tasted. It has been something like 6 years since I tasted an Ethiopian that had that deep profound blueberry before the Ethiopia coffee market changed their auction system"

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