Ethiopia Harrar Longberry Natural G4 Coffee

Ethiopia Harrar Grade 4 Long Berry Natural raw Arabica coffee

Moderately bright fruit acidity, full smooth body, Blueberry, rich, sweet, stonefruit, lemon, blackberry, dark chocolate, spice, rich lasting finish

 A nice Harrar Region coffee with the elements we expect from a good Harrar, Blueberry and blackberry, fairly bright acidity, with a full body, fruit and chocolate. 

Roasting Aroma: Caramel corn, fruit, molasses, wine, sweet

Dry Aroma: Blueberry, dark chocolate, blackberry, fruit, sweet

Brewed Aroma: Blueberry, caramel, cocoa, blackberry, spice

Region: Harrar (Eastern highlands); SubRegion: Oromia, Harar

Growers: Small Holder Producers

Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom cultivars

Altitude: 1,500 - 2,120 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Traditional Harrar Dry (Natural) method, sun dried

Harvest: October - February

Bean Size: Longberry refers to the size of the beans, Longberry being the largest size, while Shortberry is the smaller sized beans.

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